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Best-in-class learning management solution designed to make an impact on care delivery and business performance

Empowering your Clinicians and your Healthcare System

Delivering better care and outcomes starts with a strong, knowledgeable clinician base, which sets your heathcare system up for success. Empower your clinicians with the most advanced, up-to-date clinical and leadership content tailored for adult learners.


Improving Your Patient Care and Outcomes

Impact your clinicians' care delivery with a learning program built around adult learning techniques focused on information retention and real-life application.

Hiring, Retaining, and Developing the Best Employees

Introduce your new hires to a consistent onboarding program on their first day and continue their professional development  with relevant education including Fortune 100 business skills.

Protecting Your Financial Health

Reduce your risk of medical errors and readmissions so that you can optimize your reimbursements and grow your business reputation.

Adult Learning Impacts Your Patient Care and Outcomes

When your clinicans translate what they learn to the care that they deliver, your learning goes beyond just checking a box for compliance.

The Art and Science to Adult Learning

In order for a learning program in a healthcare system to result in behavior change, the program must provide relevant content using adult learning principles. Adult Learning Principles include:

  • Building of prior knowledge
  • Working toward a clearly defined goal
  • Answering the question "what's in it for me"
  • Promoting self-direction and internal motivation

Relias Learning offers an outcomes-driven education platform using unique, innovative knowledge rentention methods including:

Brain Sparks: Based on memory research, BrainSparks are a series of multiple-choice questions spaced over 34 days designed to boost long-term memory of key skills learned in  courses.

Pro on the Go: A new line of micro-learning modules that are less than 5 minutes designed to provide on-demand information at the point of delivery to improve quality of care.


The Importance of Developing & Engaging Your Clinicians

Smart training solutions can help reduce your turnover by building a more engaged, satisfied staff that will ultimately stay with you longer and provide better care.

engage your clinicians

What Can You Do to Make Them Stay?

It's already tough finding and hiring the right clinicians, but then losing them and having to deal with the financial repercussions is even more challenging. Poor hiring, onboarding, and development have a direct effect on employee commitment, morale, and engagement. Employee unsatisfaction and turnover not only hurts your company culture, but can also lead to a negative patient experience.

Successful learning programs provide a consistent, easy-to-use onboarding platform, tailored education plans for different job roles, and professional development. Healthcare systems need to identify potential leaders and train them with managerial-specific content.

Relias Learning provides easy integration with your HR system to onboard your new hires on their first day with Role-Based Training Plans. In addition, our exclusive partnership with Skillsoft ® brings Fortune 100 business skills to Acute Care providers for the first time ever. These courses and videos are specifically designed for present and future leaders, including essential topics such as hiring, coaching, performance management, and organizational development.

Securing your Healthcare System's Financial Stability

Learning programs that are customized, up-to-date, and aligned to your healthcare system's performance goals will positively impact your financial health.

Mitigate Your Risk and Keep up with Changing Regulations

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, growing government mandates and payer concerns makes securing your financial stability essential. Medical errors, coding errors, and high readmission rates can negatively impact your reimbursements and eventually hurt your reputation and relationships. Therefore, proactively putting measures in place to prevent low performance before it happens is a smart investment.

Make sure that your clincians are correctly trained on with the most up-to-date, relevant content and best practices, which will help protect your healthcare system from risks and gain a competitive advantage.

Relias Learning gives healthcare systems access to industry expertise through content compiled from an extensive network of over 1,000 internal clinicians, subject matter experts and partners acorss the entire healthcare continuum. Knowing that not all healthcare systems are the same, Relias also enables providers to add their own custom courses or customize our existing courses.

mitigate your risk

Maintain Board Certification & Licensure

Does your staff have easy access to content to earn their CMEs/CEs?

worry-free audits

Your Path to Worry-Free Audits

Tracking and maintaining your clinical staff's certification and licensure can be a hassle, especially if it is not all in one central place.

Relias Learning offers maximum CMEs and CEs (ACCME, ANCC) with over 115 accreditations. These credits are available anytime, anywhere through mobile learning and are easily managed and tracked for any audit needs!

Worried about Implementation & Staff Adoption?

Relias Learning offers the easiest learning system to implement, use, and navigate

Fully-Supported Implementation and Simple, Beautiful User Interface

All of our content is delivered through our easy-to-use user interface. To help support limited staff and/or lack of technical experience, Relias Learning starts every one of our new clients with a strong implementation plan for the primary administrators. Implementation for our small to mid-sized clients takes 30 days while organizations with 1,000+ employees are typically completed within 75-90 days. For the end-users, we also have a built-in course on how to navigate the system, as well as ongoing client support. Once your RLMS is up-and-running, our dedicated Client Care team is here to assist you with any questions you may have!

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