Evidence-Based Insights for Healthcare

Transforming care with data analytics.

Improve Healthcare Value Through Clinical Expertise and Advanced Technology

Analytics that deliver an immediate and positive impact

Identify High-Risk Cases

Identify and address the activities incurring the highest cost

Improve Healthcare Value

Make the best decisions at the point of care using evidence-based analytics focused on the whole person

Measure Healthcare Improvement

Constant access to measurement and evaluation of patient and systems improvement relative to key metrics

Prevent Hospitalizations and High-Cost Services

Proactively address preventable services and optimize the care you provide

High-cost services are easy to address with the right tools

Use data metrics across 1 billion claims and 800 million unique patients to get in front of high-cost services and appointments before they occur. Discover patient needs ahead of when they see you and use evidence-based insights to proactively address their needs – even the meaningful percentage of patients that miss their appointment – and prevent future costly services.

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A Wholistic View of the Patient

Gain a 360 degree view of those you serve


Effective treatment is achievable with an accurate view of the patient

Healthcare prescribers need a wholistic view of each patient to treat each case effectively. With 100% evidence-based patient and prescriber analytics -- including primary and behavioral care sources, like payer, provider, laboratory and social service agencies -- you have an accurate view of those you serve. This includes services provided outside of your system, granting you the ability to provide optimal care.

Financial Risk Analysis and Management

Prioritize clinical activities most impacting healthcare improvement

Healthcare compliance is no longer enough

In today’s changing healthcare environment, being compliant and meeting competency standards are not enough. You must leverage technology to tie your clinical need to financial risk, prioritizing clinical activities to those most impacting cost reduction and care improvement. Measure ongoing evaluation of your healthcare improvement accessing simple and ready reporting in real time – at the population health, site, service and patient level.

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