behavioral health training

Behavioral Health Training

Whole Health. Trauma Informed. Outcome Driven Care.

Behavioral Health Service Delivery is Changing

Are you effectively managing and treating your high cost, high risk, complex clients?


Service Coordination

Treat the whole person through collaboration.


Evidence Based Practices

Use the best practices in service delivery.


Prevent Rehospitalizations

Manage risk of harm with improved screening.

Trauma Informed Care

Improved whole health outcomes includes assessing and treating trauma

Trauma is more common than we think

ACEs and other studies have taught us that people with a history of trauma have poorer health outcomes across multiple domains. Effectively assessing and treating those with a history of abuse and trauma impacts behavioral and physical health conditions.

Trauma-Informed Care involves a paradigm shift and an organizational change at all levels.  Mangers and leaders need effective communication skills and change management strategies to guide and support staff.

Trauma Informed Care

Integrated Care

Effectively treating complex clients requires whole health care and strategic leadership

Integrated Care

Integrated care is the future of healthcare. And the future is now.

Behavioral health and primary care providers know that to effectively treat those you serve, you must have new skills and competencies. Working together to treat above the neck AND below the neck requires a shift in thinking and care coordination. 

Successful organizations have managers who can train staff in new skills and change how care is provided. Leaders of these organizations create strategic partnerships with other providers and help shape the future of healthcare.

Suicide Prevention

Ensuring the safety of those in your care is a priority

Zero suicide rate is an achievable goal

More people die from suicide every year than from automobile accidents, close to 40,000 suicide deaths in the US annually. Many of those who attempt saw a healthcare professional prior to the attempt.

This is a public health issue and human services organizations are in the position to significantly impact these numbers. Ensuring your staff have the skills, tools and support needed to appropriately assess for and treat suicidal ideation is key to preventing suicide for those in your care.

Suicide Prevention

Conquering Business Challenges

Start preparing for the future of Behavioral Healthcare today

Business Challenges

Become and stay a Center of Excellence

In today's changing healthcare environment, merely being compliant and meeting competency standards are not enough. Everyone at your organization, beyond direct care staff, must perform at a higher level. Improving business operations is essential to successfully transitioning to pay for value. Learn more about how Relias Learning can improve your organization's performance.



Managing Change


Performance Feedback

We're More Than a Training Vendor. We're Your Learning Partner

Discover how behavioral health organizations are using Relias Learning to impact the lives of those they serve.

McClendon Center
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Track Your Learners and Increase Retention

"One of the problems we were having with our old training system is that folks didn't really retain the information. They would sign off that they completed it, but we couldn't tell that they completed it. It was also hard to track."

Hear Michael's Story


Save Time on Staff Training

"Before the online learning it took us about 3 to 4 days to complete all of the training curriculum and they were taught by our executives which tied us up for 3 or 4 days every month."

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Introduction to Bipolar and Depressive Disorders in Adults
Covers Depressive and Bipolar Disorders in adults and best practices including providing support, therapy, and medications.
Florida Laws and Rules
SUMMARY The new Florida Board of Nursing requireme
Compassion Fatigue and Satisfaction
Discusses compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress, and burnout in a trauma-informed setting, as well as how to practice self-care and mindfulness.
A Clinician’s Tale: How Do I Provide the Best Treatment for Young Children with Disruptive Behaviors
This webinar is designed to help clinicians (i.e., licensed clinical social workers, licensed professional counselors, licensed psychologists and other licensed
Introduction to Case Management Basics
Discusses the basics of case management, its foundational skills, and the roles, processes, and standards associated with case management work.
HIV and AIDS - Florida Laws
This course will cover HIV/AIDS and the Florida laws that relate to the care you provide.
Workplace Violence Prevention
This webinar will help participants look at the environmental, procedural and personal dynamic that lead to workplace violence.
The Two Most Common Forms of Workplace Violence: Hostile Encounters and Domestic Violence
This program will emphasize the most common forms of workplace violence.
Beating Workplace Violence: Assess, Defend, and Survive
We address how to determine the likelihood and severity of a threat, how to secure your workplace and active shooter response protocols.
Bullying Prevention and Intervention
Examines the effects of bullying, prevention techniques, and corresponding programs and treatment options.

Client Success Story

July 06 , 2017

Health and Human Services Children, Youth and Families Behavioral Health Accreditation

CARF Accreditation Preparation Made Easy

When Maryland changed their state licensing requirements, providers had to seek accreditation. Hear how one Relias client managed the process.

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Sample Course

February 13 , 2017

Health and Human Services Children, Youth and Families Behavioral Health

Infusion of Culturally Responsive Practices

Delivering cultural competent care is more than a requirement; it’s a clinical best practice. This is one of many courses to help meet those regulations.

Fact Sheet

February 02 , 2017

Payers Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health 101 for Emergency Department Physicians and Staff

Are you and your Emergency Department prepared to care for patients with Behavioral Health conditions?

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December 08 , 2016

Health and Human Services Payers Behavioral Health

Improved Tracking and Reporting of Training, But Most Importantly, Better Accountability at All Levels

Read how Beacon Health Options improved reporting, increased accountability and training followup, and utilized staff time better using Relias.

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