Need support?

Whether you're having trouble finding your training or navigating our website, we're here to help.



1. How do I log into the LMS? 

If you know your login information but not your custom organization URL, use our universal login. Simply enter your username and password to log into your training website.

If your company doesn't participate in universal login, ask the administrator or supervisor at your organization. If they need help, they can visit our administrator and supervisor support portal and submit a support ticket. Our team will provide them the info they need. 


2. Where do I find my training?

Your training is available through your company's customized training portal. If you’re a learner, you’ll see the list of courses assigned to you – and you can search the available course listing as needed.


3. What training do I or my staff need?

Relias Learning helps each team match training to their desired goals. If you’re not yet a customer, reach out to our sales team or explore our available courses to see the full listing.


4. What courses do you offer in my professional field?

We offer courses in a variety of fields. Explore our course catalog for courses, certifications, and curricula that are relevant to your field.

5. I submitted a support ticket, now what?

Please be patient. Our support team responds to requests as quickly as possible, Monday to Friday, 8AM to 8PM US ET (major US holidays excepted).


6. How can I track my training if I move to a new job?

A Master Account lets you link multiple Relias Learning accounts so you can get one comprehensive transcript of completed coursework with a single ID.  A Master Account gives you access to your completed coursework even if your Relias Learning account becomes inactive. 

To add records to a Master Account, log in to your Relias Learning account and link that username to a new or existing Master Account. If you're logged in to Relias Connect,step-by-step instructions are available.

To log in to your Master Account, go to Relias Academy and log in with your Master Account email and password.  From here you can access your Master Account transcript and print any certificates needed from your linked accounts.


7. I registered for a Relias Learning webinar, but I didn’t get information about how to log in. 

Please check your spam folder! While we know you love Relias, your email provider may not. If you don’t find your invitation there, email us at and we’ll be happy to help.


8. I registered for a Relias Learning webinar but now I can’t attend – or, I did attend, and would like the slides. What do I do?

We understand that life happens. You don’t need to let us know; we’ll send you (and everyone who’s registered) a link to get the slides or the recording, typically 24-48 hours after the event.

Important notice to all Relias users

A recent RLMS upgrade enabled case-sensitive passwords. This measure elevates the overall security of your site and data stored in it.

Please confirm that you are using the appropriate capitalization for letters included in your password. If your organization allows you to update your password yourself, you can choose to reset it. ​If they do not, please contact the site administrator at your organization for additional assistance.

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