Achieving 5 Star Ratings

"We feel that our Relias Learning System really has the effect of impacting our quality because of the focused expert and consistent training we're able to provide."


Save Time on Staff Training

"Before the online learning it took us about 3 to 4 days to complete all of the training curriculum and they were taught by our executives which tied us up for 3 or 4 days every month."


An Efficient Way to Deliver Training

"With so many different services that we provide...Relias allows us to do a comprehensive training assignment for every position type in our agency."


Track Your Learners and Increase Retention

"One of the problems we were having with our old training system is that folks didn't really retain the information. They would sign off that they completed it, but we couldn't tell that they completed it. It was also hard to track."


The Right Learning Management Solution

"I knew there had to be an easier system than what we were using. I was given references of other hospices of similar size that had implemented the Relias system had really positive things to say about how the implementation went and how it had been accepted by their staff."

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Customized Solutions

"I was literally overjoyed, over the moon to find Relias. We actually were able to customize it to the extent that we needed to in order to make it fit our needs and still meet our implementation goals."

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Training Compliance Made Easy

"If I could describe Relias in one word, it would be easy. It has made compliance a dream. With over 3500 employees, getting everyone compliant without having to beg and plead is amazing."

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Improve Training Content and Curriculum

"Now with this user interface and everything being automated and running very smoothly, I'm able to work on the content of curriculum to enhance it."

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Simplify Training

"A lot of our HR directors were still tracking things through Excel spreadsheets or they weren't tracking things at all..."

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Make a Bigger Impact

"It really makes a major impact on how service delivery is externally to the kids, to the mothers, to the families that we serve."

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Free Up the Training Process

"We now have time to do some live training that we didn't have time to do before. We have time to build curriculum. We have time to build courses."


A Training Tool That Grows With Your Business

"We were able to implement the training when we were just 25 employees and now we are up to 260, so it's been able to grow with us."