Learning Management 101

What is a Learning Management System?

An LMS is a solution that helps automate, manage and track all of your organization's training needs. These needs may include:

Tick Staying CompliantTickRegulatory TrainingTick Continuing Education


And much more

How does an LMS work for me?

A full-featured LMS offers a large selection of features and customizations to meet your organization's unique training needs. Key features include:

Tracking & Reporting

Press a button to generate reports, or spend hours/days poring through file cabinets and Excel sheets.  Your choice.

Assigning Curricula

Rather than enrolling staff in one course at a time, assign an entire collection of training specific to their role. Designate due dates for each course so learners move progressively through their training and have it completed in an appropriate time-frame.

Custom Courses

Your PowerPoint courses are good — now make them fully functional with remote delivery, testing, 
and tracking.

Employee Enrollment

Turnover already has a big enough impact — don't wait to onboard until you can schedule live training.  
Auto-enroll new hires with online courses and start training day 1.

Training Plans

When employees fail to master core skills, it puts your organization at risk for poor outcomes. With training plans, each learner will be able to see which courses lie ahead of them.

Live Training Management

An LMS manages more than just online training. Use reporting features to track and report on in-person training. Instead of separate reporting for live and online training, track everything in one easy-to-access place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it expensive?

No, most companies notice significant cost savings when they switch to a learning management system. Many organizations don’t realize how much they are spending on “wasted training expenses" which can be reduced or eliminated with an LMS!

How can I introduce online learning management to my company?

Getting started with a learning management system is probably easier than you think. A good LMS provider will have an established training and implementation team that can get you up and running in as little as 30 days!

Can an LMS meet my company's unique needs?

Yes it can. A good LMS is flexible and can easily be customized to fit the needs of your organization and specific individuals.

Consider our 7 rules of staff training as you evaluate your own needs which may include meeting specific training regulations, setting up your own training programs, or creating content for your organization. A good learning management system adjusts to fit your needs—not the other way around.

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    The Relias Learning Management System has brought our training into the 21st century.  We have rolled out Relias to now include all employees. This year our Quality Improvement Director and Human Resources Director are adding agency-wide curriculum, orientation, and requirements tracking. The automatic reports are great, and we are reducing our carbon footprint with less paper! Relias customer service through their employees and support team go above and beyond to assist in answering and fixing problems quickly. Relias Connect is just a click away to access a wealth of resources and ‘connect’ with others.


    Carolyn DeMuria
    Training & Compliance Coordinator

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    If you are looking for diverse and copious resources, top-of-the-line customer service, unconditional support and sharing of information, building your knowledge base every time you enter the network system -- our  RLMS membership is one I value the most when it comes to staff training.  This is a company that really walks the walk and talks the talk.


    Leslie Cohn 
    IT, EMR & Clinical Training Coordinator

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    Relias Learning Management’s vast library of online courses along with the ability for organizations to customize the system with live events and their own content are what makes Relias work for us.   Not to mention a dynamic tracking system/database that has increased our compliance to above 90% on a quarterly basis and put our training program on autopilot.


    Sara DeFilipps
    Director of Human Resources

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    RLMS works for us because it combines and tracks both online and live trainings in a user-friendly way -- with amazing Relias support if needed. Our agency is on a 24/7 operating clock and RLMS allows those that work around the clock to “attend” trainings without putting a wrench in their work schedule. The courses tailored to the IDD supports allow learners to drive towards what is important… the people we support.


    Jenna DeBrock
    Technology Training Specialist

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    Relias saves our clinics a few hundred dollars per user each year. On top of that, the administrators are thrilled that all of their compliance requirements can be reported with a few clicks of the mouse.


    Tracie Bosket, MS IDT
    eLearning Developer