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High quality, personalized onboarding engages employees and prepares them to contribute more quickly and effectively.

Relias Learning Management System

Learning management software makes onboarding simple and flexible for new hires.

On day one, staff can be auto-enrolled in courses that are specific to their role and department, making the onboarding experience more interesting and relevant, avoiding wasted time.

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Relias Learning Management System
create your own relias courses

Your Own Training or Custom Courses

For a higher level of personalization, the Relias LMS provides you with the flexibility to upload and assign your very own courses.

Or, let Relias develop a completely custom set of courses to meet your specific requirements.

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Prophecy® Assessments

Clinical assessments and skills checklists further drive personalized onboarding, allowing managers to avoid areas of demonstrated proficiency and shift the focus onto filling knowledge gaps.

This enables new hires to become more quickly immersed and productive in their new roles, while also reducing the time and costs associated with onboarding.

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prophecy assessments
specialized training content

Specialized Content

Through a partnership with Skillsoft®, the global leader in workforce development and training, Relias offers specialized courses such as Workforce Planning and Employment: Orientation, Onboarding, and Exit Strategies.

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Resources to Get You Started

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