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Solutions to lead health systems through changing times

Aligning to Your Strategic Needs

Successful plans differentiate themselves by delivering on better care and achieving better outcomes. Working with providers to achieve outcomes, identify high risk/high cost patients and improve coordination of care.


Performance Measures

Help providers achieve positive outcomes on key measures.

integrated care

Integrated Care and Population Management

Improve your organization’s ability to manage complex clients.

Value-Based Purchasing

Value-Based Purchasing

Ensure your providers are prepared and can deliver on your best practices and strategic imperatives.

Strategic Focus in a Competitive Marketplace

Staying competitive in today’s changing healthcare environment

Managing Change Effectively

In the current environment of changing healthcare, strategic payer organizations can lead the change. By advancing new business and clinical models, we can improve management of high cost, high risk, complex individuals.

Staying on top of changing regulations, payment reform, outcome and effectiveness data reporting and whole health models of care starts with the C-suite however is everyone’s responsibility.

How can you position your organization to not just keep up with but lead the change?


Alignment of Provider Networks

Communicate effectively and efficiently with your network


Communication is Key

Are you still communicating with providers through emails and mailings?

Easily push out custom training, essential communication and improve the overall alignment of your network through a dedicated provider LMS. Manage contracts more easily and reduce time intensive and costly methods of keeping providers informed and compliant.

In today’s environment of mergers and acquisitions, an LMS can be a key factor in a smooth post-acquisition integration.

Hear how one company used Relias when they merged two companies and have been able to save days of work on audits and reporting. In addition, as more states are requiring payers do provider training, they are able to keep up using online tools.

Managing Complex Clients

Improve provider performance while managing costs

Quality Training Improves Provider Performance

Providers need to be able to use data and predictive modeling to better manage and treat complex clients. Population health management and use of predictive analytics are keys to success in the future of healthcare, are you guiding your providers?

Quality content on topics such as data analytics, value based purchasing, integrated care, care management and crisis services.

Building custom content is easy with Relias’ built in tools. We provide training to help you improve how you develop your own online courses.


Course Preview:
Data-Based and Analytical Decision Making in Case Management



We work with industry-leading partners to create high quality content to ensure our training meets your needs.

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Resources for Payers

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Case Study

December 08 , 2016

Health and Human Services Payers Behavioral Health

Improved Tracking and Reporting of Training, But Most Importantly, Better Accountability at All Levels

Read how Beacon Health Options improved reporting, increased accountability and training followup, and utilized staff time better using Relias.

Case Study

December 08 , 2016

Health and Human Services Payers

Post-Merger Integration of Thousands of Employees was Easier by Using Relias at Every Stage

Read how Beacon Health Options used Relias every step of the way with the integration process; corporate structure, onboarding, all staff training and non-training requirements to integrate thousands of employees after a merger.

Course Preview

October 07 , 2016


Data-Based and Analytical Decision Making in Case Management

This course provides an overview of innovative ways that data are being applied to improve healthcare costs, quality, and outcomes.


June 30 , 2016

Health and Human Services Payers Integrated Care PI

5 Key Pieces of Successful Integrated Care Programs

Learn about the forces driving the industry toward integrated care, and tips regarding successful integrated care implementation


May 03 , 2016

Senior Care Payers Post-Acute Care Skilled Nursing

CMS Introduces Six New Quality Measures and Upcoming Changes to the Nursing Facility Five-Star Rating System

It is important for nursing home providers to become familiar with these six new QMs. This webinar will outline each of the new QMs coming your way.


April 26 , 2016

Health and Human Services Payers Behavioral Health

Predicting the Readmisson: Not Just the Risk Score

What if a predictive model could tell you when someone with a behavioral health condition is likely to be admitted to inpatient?

Fact Sheet

April 06 , 2016

Health and Human Services Senior Care Payers Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Post-Acute Care

The Current State of Healthcare Training

Within the healthcare industry, the report reveals sharp differences in staff development and training spending across organization types.


March 28 , 2016

Senior Care Payers AIS Systems Post-Acute Care

MDS 3.0 Section GG: Planning for Implementation

Soon, SNF providers will start completing the new MDS 3.0 Section GG-Functional Abilities and Goals in accordance with the SNF Quality Reporting Program.


February 29 , 2016


Adapt & Lead Your Organization Through Turbulent Times

Outperforming organizations know that staff training is no longer just about compliance—it’s also about driving performance improvement and organizational impact.