Refresh or Learn a Skill in Less Than 5 Minutes

Pro on the Go is a new line of micro learning modules – each less than five minutes – covering a variety of procedural, behavioral and informational topics relevant to healthcare professionals. Accessible anytime, anywhere via the Relias Learning Management System (RLMS) or the Relias Mobile App, Pro on the Go delivers brief, targeted training during your busy day.

better prepared

Better Prepared

Allows healthcare professionals to access bite-size training on anything from Tracheotomy Care to Neurological Assessments.

accessible anywhere

Accessible Anywhere

Pro on the Go micro learning modules are accessible via the Relias Mobile App or the RLMS anywhere – whether you’re in the field or in the office.

improve outcomes

Improve Outcomes

Staff can improve the quality of care by accessing the refresher course they need prior to providing care – whether an assessment, a procedure or medication administration.

Micro Learning

Pro on the Go micro learning modules are less than five minutes each, many with video content, and designed to show your staff how to carry out a specific functional task.

on demand learning

On Demand

Learners can conveniently access Pro on the Go content via their mobile devices on the Relias Mobile App or the RLMS anywhere, anytime.

Relevant Topics

Pro on the Go modules include:

Assessment: Neurological

Trach Care

Condition Management Quick Tips: Heart Failure Management

Working with People on the Autism Spectrum

IV Management: Flushing a CVC


relevant topics