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AJA, APPA, and POST work with Relias to ensure the integrity and effectiveness of our training.
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Rockdale County Sheriff's Office

Minimizing Use of Force Incidents

"Prior to Relias, when we brought on new staff, we would sincerely do the best we could, but (the training) was not formalized. You essentially would have a new employee come to work and try to get in as much in their head as you could...Now, we can give them formalized training—so we may have a deputy that may have only been here 6 months, but they’ve received 5 years worth of training."

Major Mike Kinlein
Jail Commander, Rockdale County Sheriff's Office (GA)


We work with industry-leading partners to ensure our training meets your training needs.

Franklin University COHPA
Hazardous Chemicals: The Basics for Canada
This course provides information on the Hazardous Products Act and Regulations and the Hazard Communication Standard.
Hazardous Chemicals: SDS for Canada
This course provides the learner with a survey of hazardous chemical labels, pictograms and the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
Workplace Violence Prevention
This webinar will help participants look at the environmental, procedural and personal dynamic that lead to workplace violence.
The Two Most Common Forms of Workplace Violence: Hostile Encounters and Domestic Violence
This program will emphasize the most common forms of workplace violence.
Beating Workplace Violence: Assess, Defend, and Survive
We address how to determine the likelihood and severity of a threat, how to secure your workplace and active shooter response protocols.
Basic Supervisory Skills
This course covers some basic skills that can help you be an effective supervisor.
Working in a Team
This course provides you with the essential components to be an effective team member.
Ethical Decision Making: The Basics
This course provides you with some basic tools and concepts for ethical decision making in the workplace.
Electrical Safety
This course focuses on how to work safely with electricity.
Exigent Circumstances 1.0
This course covers the various aspects of exigent circumstances, what is reasonable, and what is allowable and not so in an emergency.

Public Safety Resources

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June 01 , 2016

Public Safety Corrections Law Enforcement OSS Academy

Major Court Decisions Influencing Law Enforcement and Corrections Today

This webinar discusses recent major court decisions and what law enforcement agencies should do to institute best practices and reduce liability exposure.


June 10 , 2015

Public Safety Law Enforcement Officer Involved Shooting

Shots Fired. Suspect Down. Now What?

Being involved in an Officer Involved Shooting (OIS) may be one of the most traumatic incidents of an officer’s career. However, the aftermath of an OIS can be greatly lessened if officers and agencies are well prepared.


March 31 , 2015

Public Safety ILEETA Active Shooter Law Enforcement

Active Shooter Rescue Tactics

This program gives an overview of current methodologies for response to active shooter attacks to provide the fastest and most effective medical care.


February 25 , 2015

Public Safety Law Enforcement

Excellence in Training

View this webinar for understanding and implementing effective training strategies when preparing officers for the real life scenarios they will face.

Case Study

January 13 , 2015

Public Safety Corrections

West Central Community Correctional Facility

For years, the West Central Community Correctional Facility conducted their staff education through live, week long training academies. This format was costly.

Case Study

October 13 , 2014

Public Safety Corrections

25th Judicial District Youth Services

Prior to the adoption of an online platform, the 25th Judicial District Youth Services relied heavily on traveling to meet training needs.

Sample Course

August 18 , 2014

Public Safety Corrections Suicide

Overview of Suicide Prevention for Corrections Professionals

Each year, thousands of people are affected by suicide. This course helps corrections professionals better identify and address behavior associated with suicide risk.

Sample Course

August 13 , 2014

Public Safety Law Enforcement

Knife Tactics and Safety

In the U.S., edged weapon attackers are on the increase. This course is aimed to help officers better handle and survive a knife attack.

Case Study

June 04 , 2014

Public Safety Corrections

Interview with the Ramsey County Correctional Facility

Small or large agencies, we all deal with the same thing—lack of staff, staffing—everyone’s doing more with less.