Hiring practices and solutions

Hiring Practices

Hire the right person for the job

Reduce Turnover Using Best Practices

Are poor hiring decisions impacting your turnover? Do you hire based on immediate need versus the best fit for the role and your culture? It’s time to develop your managers into experts on best practices for hiring. Relias Learning – a partner with Skillsoft, the global leader in workforce training and development – provides courses to prepare and empower your team to build the best talent for your organization by developing the essential skills needed to recruit, interview and hire new employees.

applicant screening

Applicant Screening

Know the right things to look for when recruiting candidates.

behavioral interviewing

Behavioral Interviewing

Learn how to interview based on prior workplace experiences.

candidate selection

Candidate Selection

Learn to determine which candidates stand out from the rest.

Hiring Tools and Resources

Download these helpful resources and start reducing your staff turnover.

What Great Managers Do Differently

Join Jim Triandiflou, CEO of Relias Learning, to learn what great managers do differently, and how to foster a strong workforce. This webinar discusses characteristics of the world’s greatest managers, practical tools for managing and the role of a manager, including the most important job of a manager: hiring.

Discover best practices for selecting candidates based on talent, defining the right outcomes, focusing on strengths and how to find the right fit.

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A Manager's Guide to Finding the Right Candidate for the Job

Hiring new candidates is a growing challenge for employers faced with high turnover rates and increasing competition for qualified candidates.

This whitepaper contains six best practices that serve as an easy reference guide to help managers acquire and retain the right employees for the right job.

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Workforce Development Essentials: Hiring Solutions for Managers

A strong and lasting competitive advantage in today’s knowledge and service driven economy is gained by attracting, developing and retaining the best people. Hiring top talent is a high priority for line managers at all levels and managers must be more engaged than ever in hiring the right people to meet their organization’s business challenges.

Learn more about the courses in our hiring series by downloading the fact sheet.

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