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Employee Turnover

Spend less time filling vacancies and more time meeting your business goals

People are the Foundation of Your Business

In a service industry like healthcare and human services, people are the core of the business. Turnover and burnout are higher in healthcare than other industries, up to 90% in some cases. Leaders are tasked with the challenge to find qualified candidates, properly onboard and then continue with professional development and employee engagement activities to retain quality talent.



Onboarding is more than new hire orientation; it is the ongoing engagement of your staff.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Provide employees with the tools and training they need to succeed.



Keep quality employees – even when dealing with the challenges of proper pay and burnout.

Employee Turnover Tools and Resources

Download these helpful resources to reduce turnover and improve employee engagement

Organization Self-Assessment Tool

Do you know what an ideal Employee Training and Development Program looks like? Have you talked to senior leadership about it and conducted a self-evaluation?

A key factor in retaining quality employee is how well you train, develop and support your staff, both in their current position and in how you create a career path for future growth. Use this tool to assess your current program, frame the discussion with leadership and determine how to create the right program for your organization.

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Discover the Importance of Onboarding

Join Amber Harrer, Manager of Learning and Development at Relias Learning as she discusses ways in which an effective onboarding process drastically increases your chances of retaining new employees.

Learn about the essential components of a successful onboarding program, common misconceptions about onboarding, and a best practices approach that applies to all fields, positions and levels of employment.

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Reduce Turnover with Better Onboarding

Better onboarding and new hire orientation will only increase in importance as our population demands more trained staff in all sectors of the health care industry.

Compliance goals, while necessary, should share focus with building an engaged staff. Developing engaged employees can lead to improved retention, better performance and ultimately, better outcomes for the people you serve.

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Tools to Address Employee Turnover

Retaining quality staff is an issue in every industry, but considering the long hours, emotionally draining work, and compensation issues, retaining healthcare employees has its own special challenges. Add to that the costs of replacing workers with specific skills and certifications and it soon becomes clear that providing managers with tools to identify the causes of turnover and develop retention strategies becomes critically important for all sectors of healthcare.

Learn about some of the tools Relias has to help your managers develop an effective plan to reduce employee turnover.

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