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    Who is Teepa Snow and How Has She Changed Dementia Care?

    Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other forms of dementia affect more than 5 million Americans, reports the Alzheimer’s Association. While researchers continue to search for a cure and better treatment options, it’s important to learn to better support those living with dementia. In the words of Teepa Snow, “Until there’s a cure, there’s care”. As internationally renowned leader in dementia care,...

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    New Surgeon General Report Suggests Greater Resources Needed to Prevent Addiction

    Addiction in America has become an epidemic. In a new Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs and Health, reports the JAMA Network, the facts surrounding addiction as a biological disease were reiterated. Unfortunately, many people continue to associate addiction with fallacies of personality or lifestyle. Addiction kills, and for those suffering from co-occurring, serious mental health...

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    Changes to the BACB Re-Certification Cycle

    The Behavior Analysis Certification Board announced a significant change to re-certification for all BCBAs, BCBA-Ds and BCaBAs. Those who have recertification cycles that began on or after January 1, 2015, will now have 2 years to complete required CEUs instead of 3 years.


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    Why Tracking Dementia Is a Top Priority for Senior Care Providers

    Caring for seniors with beginning or late stages of dementia is difficult at best, but avoiding the topic will only lead to greater problems among those you serve. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has recognized this need and initiated a new national partnership to improve dementia care across different senior care facilities.

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    5 Ways IDD Execs Use Software for Data-Driven Decision Making

    How organizations and their executives serving the needs of people with intellectual or developmental disability (IDD) respond to requests for assistance or care is changing. Innovation in technology generates more data with each passing day.

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    Care for the Caregiver –Start the New Year Off Right

    My daughter came out of school the other week carrying a purple bucket. As we walked home together with her younger sister, I had to ask:

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    A New Generation of Mental Health Clinics - The CCBHCs

    The goal of the Excellence in Mental Health Act (EMHA) is not to direct healthcare professionals on how they should provide care; instead, the EMHA is designed to aid a facility in its ability to provide each client with an excellent standard of care despite his or her particular situation. The act offers quality objectives that intend to place a renewed focus on person-centered care as well...

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    How to Manage Seizures

    A seizure is a transitory disturbance in consciousness or in motor, sensory, or autonomic function that is due to the uncontrolled electrical discharges in the brain. The electrical abnormality may arise from the central areas of the brain and immediately affect consciousness, or it may be restricted to the part of the cortex and produce signs and symptoms characteristic of that anatomical...

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    5 Ways Smartwatches Can Help You Care for Those With Intellectual Disability

    Wearables have been a major market trend among tech giants, and these devices may have strong health benefits too. Per the U.S. National Library of Medicine, more than 110 million wearable fitness devices will be in use by 2018. Meanwhile, approximately 19 million were sold in 2016. These devices enable users to track fitness goals, monitor overall health concerns, recognize potential health...

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    How Senior Care Facilities Respond to New CMS Ruling on Emergency Preparedness

    Emergency preparedness was a topic of great concern through much of 2016. The Zika virus seemed to move further north than anticipated. Terror threats rocked community foundations. Flooding in Louisiana left the state’s medical resources struggling, and while winter seemed to come late, the first major storm of the season brought sub-zero temperatures to much of the country, driving up the...

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