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Relias Events

Connect with us at a regional event or trade show near you

Impact Nation 2017

A conference for all who are involved in staff education, improving patient care and outcomes, and assessing and nurturing staff skills.

Join us October 2-4, 2017 in Orlando, FL

On top of the Relias LMS training during our pre-day workshops, this year's 80+ sessions on the main days include sessions led by forward thinking and innovative industry experts and SMEs so we can THINK FORWARD on pay-for-performance model, compliance, data analytics, blended learning, onboarding, integrated care, turnover/retention, high-level business challenges, data and analytics, and industry trends.

impact nation

Relias Insights

Join us for a day of training and insights in a city near you.

relias insights

A Free Day of Training

Formerly called Relias User Groups, Relias Insights are regional events for clients as well as organizations looking to learn a bit more about what Relias has to offer. Attendees can choose from three unique training tracks in addition to hearing from a keynote speaker.

All of our insights events are free and include breakfast and lunch.

Trade Shows

The Relias team is on the road and at a trade show near you

Connect with Us

This year we're on the road across the country from California to Massachusetts. We invite you to connect with us to discuss ways we can partner with you to help you build a strong, educated staff that delivers best in class patient care and outcomes.

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