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January 18, 2017

ADHD, Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis: A Behavioral Approach to ADHD and Anxiety

This webinar discusses characteristics of ADHD and anxiety, as well as reviewing findings from current research.

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January 05, 2017

Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism

Supervision: Specifying Staff Performance Responsibilities

This course tackles the problem of getting front line staff to do what you need them to do to produce the most efficient learning with our clients.

Case Study

January 03, 2017

Health and Human Services, Children, Youth and Families, Compliance, Cost Saving

How the Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center Improved Compliance by 36%

See how Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center improved compliance by 36% and saved hours of time.


December 13, 2016

Employee Burnout

What Managers Need to Know to Prevent Burnout

Learn the basics of burnout; signs and symptoms, issues specific to healthcare and related professions, and the impact on the workplace.

Case Study

December 08, 2016

Health and Human Services, Payers, Behavioral Health

Improved Tracking and Reporting of Training, But Most Importantly, Better Accountability at All Levels

Read how Beacon Health Options improved reporting, increased accountability and training followup, and utilized staff time better using Relias.

Case Study

December 08, 2016

Health and Human Services, Payers

Post-Merger Integration of Thousands of Employees was Easier by Using Relias at Every Stage

Read how Beacon Health Options used Relias every step of the way with the integration process; corporate structure, onboarding, all staff training and non-training requirements to integrate thousands of employees after a merger.


December 07, 2016

Applied Behavior Analysis, Autism

Key Elements for Creating Clear Goals

Writing behavior and academic goals can prove challenging for many. Clearly defined objectives need to be specific, but how specific should we be?


November 30, 2016

Workplace Violence

Developing Teams to Address Low Level Workplace Threats

This webinar will help managers develop and refine these teams to develop safer workplaces, improve team cohesion and improve security for the entire workplace.


November 15, 2016

Health and Human Services

42 CFR Part 2 Updates and What This Means to You

This webinar discusses the barriers that are created by 42 CFR Part 2 and the negative consequences that can result in care delivery.


November 09, 2016

Applied Behavior Analysis, Schools

ABA in the School Setting

Watch this webinar to view resources related to successful integration and inclusion of ABA in the classroom setting.


November 01, 2016

Primary care, Behavioral Health

Using Measurement Based Care Techniques for Integrating Behavioral Health into Primary Care

A critical component to success for programs that attempt to integrate behavioral health into primary care settings is the use of measurement based care principles


October 21, 2016

Applied Behavior Analysis

What's the Function?...And Why Knowing Makes a Difference

This webinar reviews the four functions of behavior, why knowing the function(s) is important, and how to tailor interventions so they offer a functional equivalent for your learner.

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