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Hospice Training

Powerful learning management solutions for Hospice professionals

The Training You Need

Our relevant and engaging training meets regulatory and compliance standards while ensuring hospice volunteers are positioned to confidently provide specialized care and services.



Help drive compliance with your training and continuous improvement programs.

Optimize Workforce Processes

Speed up onboarding and streamline staff development and performance improvement programs.

Continuous Improvement (QAPI)

Align your training to specific organizational and company objectives to create a culture of continuous improvement.

Hospice-Specific and Palliative Care Courses

Hospice and palliative care courses for clinical and administrative staff, including physicians, managers and volunteers.

Hospice training courses you need

More than 180 hospice and palliative care-specific courses developed and taught by nationally respected hospice and palliative care experts. Advanced online training courses that promote clinical excellence, enhance individual competencies, foster regulatory compliance and offer continuing education.  Only Relias Learning brings you both hospice and palliative care content so you can educate your hospice team as well as your palliative care professionals.

Whether you’re looking to train your physicians, nurses, social workers, hospice aides, chaplains, administrators or volunteers, Relias Learning has the mandatories and continuing education courses you need.


Training Records Management

Keep track of your training with a learning management system

learning management system

Easy to use

Training your staff is important and effectively documenting the completed training is equally important. Utilizing a learning management system (LMS) gives supervisors access to up-to-date training records for their staff.

Relias Learning provides a complete learning management system that offers not only customized courses, but also automated tracking and reporting features. The Relias Learning Management System (RLMS) captures all course assignment details and the status of completion in one place, eliminating the hassle of managing and storing paper records. Other features include:

  • Auto-enrollment and training due date reminders to stay on track
  • Training assessments and compliance reports easily available to print
  • Ability to manage your live training events (such as CPR or first aid)

Interested in learning more about online learning for hospice organizations? Download our free guide.

Delivery for Remote Staff

Healthcare is a 24/7, 365 days a year job

Train all members of your staff

Your teams work weekends, nights and holidays. Taking care of others never ends. Shouldn’t your training conform to your schedules, instead of the other way around?

Keep your team where they belong—at the bedside of your patients! Our learning management system provides the flexibility you need to train all members of your staff – especially remote, evening and weekend staff.

With growing your team also comes the challenge of onboarding. Training new team members is time-consuming and expensive. With the Relias Learning Management System, supervisors can assign courses to new employees on their first day on the job and track their progress. 

Imagine that a new volunteer walks in ready to go but your orientation training isn’t scheduled for another three weeks. With online learning, volunteers can complete their training in hours or days, instead of weeks or months.

training for remote staff

Lower Overall Costs

With declining reimbursement and increased costs, choosing cost-saving options can be critical to the survival of your hospice or palliative care program.

common training expenses

What can you save by training online?


Oftentimes, travel expenses related to training can have a substantial impact on an organization’s budget, particularly when there are a high number of employees traveling to attend live trainings. With Relias, live training can be reduced significantly while still delivering optimum training—reducing related expenses, such as room rental, outside instructor fees, and travel costs. 

Overtime expenses

Eliminate or reduce the amount of overtime you pay staff to attend classroom trainings. Relias helps organizations provide employees with flexibility on when and where they complete their training, allowing staff to complete all or part of their training during the work day and reduce the need for off-shift training

Time spent creating training

It can be quite a challenge for organizations to find, acquire or develop training courses that meet regulatory requirements and provide the training needed to ensure proficiency. In addition, content needs to be continuously updated to keep employees up to date. Relias offers immediate access to more than 180 hospice and palliative care-specific courses.

We're More Than a Training Vendor. We're Your Learning Partner

Discover how hospice organizations are using Relias Learning to impact the lives of those they serve.

Impact Story: Transitions LifeCare

"I knew there had to be an easier system than what we were using, and I was given references of other hospices of similar size that had implemented the Relias system, had really positive things to say about how the implementation went, how it had been accepted by their staff. I needed a simple, easy solution to begin giving content that was more relevant than what we had."

Mark Philbrick
Director of Education and Volunteer Services



We work with industry-leading partners to ensure our training meets your training needs.

Everyday Ethics for Hospice and Palliative Professionals and Volunteers
All interdisciplinary team members have opportunities to interact with patients, families, and each other in ways that might spark ethical dilemmas. Volunteers,
Is It Time? Symptoms of Dying
What does death look like? Feel like? Smell like? Sound like? When we find ourselves at the bedside of one who is dying, we don't know what to expect. This no
Cultural Competence and Humility in Palliative Care
Cultural competence is a set of academic and personal skills that allows us to increase our understanding and appreciation of cultural differences between and w
I Don't Know What to Say: Compassionate Conversations About Crisis & Care
Attorneys, financial planners, clergy, and other nonmedical professionals establish long-term relationships with clients and may be the first to be called when
Workplace Safety: The Basics
It is important that you are aware of common hazards in the workplace and tools and techniques to keep yourself safe.
Hospice 101: Orienting to Hospice Care
This course introduces new employees to hospice care philosophies, services, and to their new roles.
Preventing, Recognizing, and Reporting Abuse
This course helps employees prevent, recognize, and report abuse.
HIPAA: The Basics
The purpose of this course is to explain The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
Infection Control
This course will provide knowledge about infection control and prevention, how diseases are transmitted, and guidelines on how to prevent illnesses.
Pain Hurts Everyone: Managing and Understanding Pain
This course discusses the barriers to effective pain management and provides tools for assessment, intervention and evaluation.

Hospice Resources

Browse resources related to hospice

Sample Course

January 26 , 2017

Hospice Post-Acute Care

Urinary Incontinence

Intended for direct care workers such as CNAs in post-acute care settings, this course covers the assessment and management of urinary incontinence.


October 20 , 2015

Senior Care Hospice Weatherbee Post-Acute Care

Clinician Implications of the New Wage Index

In this webinar, explore the direct impact of payment-related changes to clinicians and offers practical strategies to assure compliance and SIA payment.

Course Preview

June 09 , 2015

Hospice Palliative Care Post-Acute Care

Hospice Care: Introduction to Palliative Care

Palliative care is being embraced by healthcare payers and ACOs as a means of treating the whole patient.


May 11 , 2015

Hospice Weatherbee Surveys Post-Acute Care

Survey Readiness for Hospice Programs

Learn strategies for maintaining a constant state of survey and audit readiness and distinguish between the types of surveys and audits hospices can expect.

Sample Course

May 08 , 2015

Senior Care Home Care Hospice Post-Acute Care Pain Management

Pain Assessment and Management

This course helps healthcare staff: summarize the types and classifications of pain, identify pain management strategies, and assess pain intensity, quality, and location.


September 11 , 2014

Hospice Weatherbee Post-Acute Care

Notice of Election (NOE) Changes

Watch this webinar to discover the required changes to the NOE and learn strategies to ensure compliance.