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Online training for frontline/administrative staff and therapists ensures access to mandatories and in-services, and CE requirements to provide the best quality of care and support.

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Let your staff focus on their patients and their jobs by reducing training concerns and overtime expenses with remote training when and where you want.
Improve Compliance

Improve Compliance

Reduce employee-related liability risk by 20%. Improve regulatory compliance through training to meet regulatory and accreditation standards.
Senior Care Courses

Senior Care Courses

Reduce time spent creating and delivering training by 65% with the 400+ advanced hospice and palliative courses and 110+ CEs.

The Training and Courses You Need

Our Advanced Clinical Skills library provides courses designed to review and proactively enhance the clinical skills of licensed staff.  Reducing hospital readmissions is a CMS initiative within a wide spectrum of care communities. Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living and Home Care organizations benefit from the review and study of initatives aimed at reducing hospital readmissions. This library includes a series of courses on preventing, identifying, and managing the conditions that most commonly trigger readmission including: Congestive Heart Failure, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance. This library also includes “rapid review” courses that demonstrate the assessments and procedural care techniques needed to reduce rehospitalization. Rapid review courses also include supplementary competency courses for the real-world application and verification of learned techniques.

Course Preview:
What Would You Do? A Rehospitalization Simulation


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Hear how Kisco Senior Living made training easier by throwing out their training attendance binders and turned to Relias.


Impact Story: Kisco Senior Living

"It's so user friendly. It's easy from an administrator aspect. It's easy from the learner aspect. When a regulator walks in, you can easily just print up a report and go, "Here it is" versus "Hold on, let me get my file," or "let me pull up my Excel spreadsheet that I haven't updated in forever because I still have all these attendance sheets that I have to keep on top of."

Amy Park
Training & Development, Kisco Senior Living

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Skilled Nursing

Connect frontline and administrative staff to the in-services and mandatories required for meeting regulatory and compliance standards.

Independent & Assisted Living

Caring for people in community based settings has ever increasing regulations and requires training to maintain a high level of care and service.

Home Health Care

Training that ensures therapists, nurses, home health aides, or hospice volunteers, are confident in their abilities to support patients and coordinate care through in-services and mandatories required for meeting regulatory and compliance standards.


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Florida Laws and Rules
SUMMARY The new Florida Board of Nursing requireme
Protecting Resident Rights in Assisted Living Facilities
In this course, you will learn about the rights the individuals you care for have and ways you can protect these rights.
Legal Aspects of Documentation
The course reviews the concepts and rules regarding documentation in the medical record as it relates to negligence, malpractice, and intentional torts.
Restorative Nursing: Dressing, Grooming, and Bathing for Nursing Assistants
This module discusses dressing, grooming, and bathing restorative programs.
HIV and AIDS - Florida Laws
This course will cover HIV/AIDS and the Florida laws that relate to the care you provide.
Workplace Violence Prevention
This webinar will help participants look at the environmental, procedural and personal dynamic that lead to workplace violence.
The Two Most Common Forms of Workplace Violence: Hostile Encounters and Domestic Violence
This program will emphasize the most common forms of workplace violence.
Beating Workplace Violence: Assess, Defend, and Survive
We address how to determine the likelihood and severity of a threat, how to secure your workplace and active shooter response protocols.
Resident-to-Resident Bullying in Senior Care
This course reviews the identification of bullying and the appropriate intervention.
About Norovirus
This course provides a comprehensive overview of norovirus, from diagnosis to treatment.

Senior Care Resources

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May 22 , 2017

Senior Care Post-Acute Care Compliance RLMS

How to Boost Post-Acute Care Performance and Compliance

Discover how you can boost Post-Acute Care performance with effective onboarding practices and compliance tracking.


Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do something by breaking it...


February 23 , 2017

Senior Care Post-Acute Care Heart Disease

Heart Health and Dietary Guidelines to Prevent Heart Disease

Watch this webinar as we review dietary guidelines for heart health, discuss tips for stress reduction, and strategies that lead to a healthy heart.

Sample Course

January 27 , 2017

Senior Care Abuse Post-Acute Care Skilled Nursing

Preventing, Recognizing and Reporting Abuse

It is critical for staff members to be able to recognize potential incidents of abuse and neglect and respond appropriately. Download this free sample course.


January 26 , 2017

Senior Care Post-Acute Care Skilled Nursing

SNF VBP Program and 2% Reductions in Medicare Payments

Watch this webinar as we distinguish between the improvement score and the achievement score and its impact on incentive payments.


October 04 , 2016

Senior Care Post-Acute Care Pressure Ulcers

Pressure Ulcer/Pressure Injury Treatment

This webinar discusses the new pressure injury definitions as provided by the NPUAP (April of 2016)


August 30 , 2016

Senior Care Post-Acute Care

RAI Manual Update Part 2: Section GG

In this complimentary webinar, the we review the DRAFT coding rules, released by CMS, related to this new Section GG.